Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm really looking forward to this. (scroll down)
Margaret MacMillan's last book, Paris 1919 almost didn't get picked up in Canada. Naturally, it became a huge hit.
But there's something about Richard Nixon. In the post Second World War era, he stood alone as a Shakespearean sized leader.
I'm not an admirer as such, but I remember being very struck by Bill Clinton seeking his council early in his first term when he was still finding his feet in the early Nineties, not very long before Nixon's death. It was seen in some corners as proof positive that he had succeeded in erasing from history many of his earlier sins.
While that's a bit optimistic, some Democrats have softened up on Nixon just a bit especially given the rightward U.S drift in succeeding years. Even Noam Chomsky has called Richard Nixon "in many respects, the last liberal President."
Come out Nov 29 to meet the wonks.

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