Friday, September 22, 2006

same here, except for the rock star part

Long interview with Art Speigelman in which he holds court on the comic revival in America.
Q: How has the world of comics changed since you entered?
A: Well, I would say while America has been going into an absolute nose dive and turning to (expletive), comics have been doing great, much to my happy astonishment . . . and I would say, during the last few years, more so than ever. Comics have just been kind of upgraded in their cultural status.
Q: They're more respected as a form of literature now.
A: Yeah, when I was first being a cartoonist, I would really hesitate to tell people what I did. It certainly didn't win me any points with the girls, I'll tell you.
Q: And now it's got cachet . . .
A: It's got cachet! It's like being a small-scale rock 'n' roll star.

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