Thursday, October 26, 2006

stumbling in late and drunk

or at least late. Too damn tired to do much here lately.
It's author event season at work. The kickoff was a power trio made up of Mary Lawson, David Adams Richards and local fella and two time GG nominee Trevor Cole.
I've read all but three of these (oops) so I can't comment yet, but the half dozen David Richards novels I have read mean I can say without hesitation that he's the best novelist Canada has. There's wonderful stuff out there of course, but he's one of a select few that will be read generations from now.
The knock on him is that he's a bit bleak, (as though an existence in a resource economy is a barrel of laughs, and a Dickensian representation made up of a few thousand perfect sentences is a drag to read) but I love his stuff.
Mary Lawson is a genuine hit with legions of fan's who buy books and will likely follow her anywhere over the next effort or three.
It's always a good idea to have a chuckle at author readings, and Trevor Cole fits the bill admirably with his familial tale, Fearsome Particles. He's got an impressive CV in addition to being a novelist and it'll serve him well.
He's off to a hell of a start.
Next week Wayne Johnston, Timothy Taylor and Anita Rau Badami, who's book Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? is the best Canadian novel I've read this year.

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