Wednesday, October 18, 2006

yes with a but

The Toronto Star wonders if iconic Canadian publisher McClelland & Stewart is staying true to Jack McClelland, given the association with Random House and several cost cutting measures in recent years.
"Nor does the firm have its own warehouse — its books are printed in Canada but stockpiled mostly in Chicago, except for a portion kept at a Mississauga site. Earlier this year it reduced its publicity staff and dismissed its talented art director, Kong Njo, who did much to create a distinctive look for Atwood and Munro's fictions.
"Is (M&S) an imprint of Random House?" says retired publisher Anna Porter. "That's the way it functions."
This seems symptomatic of changes throughout the industry. Influence has shifted from publishers to chains, and it should be noted that Heather Reisman's first foray into book selling wasn't infused with McClelland-style nationalism either.
Bookninja is right to point out that is only an issue because government money is at work.
As for the worry that M&S doesn't employ as many Canadians as it used to, doesn't employ....well, any.

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