Thursday, November 02, 2006

because there's nothing good on television

Some interesting posts from Bella Stander's blog. (link from Sarah)
Some are cute, most are cringe worthy, all of them are spot on.
There's nothing worse than stirring up the medicine for an author event, booking a room that seats x dozen people and finding your discouraging words echoing loudly off the walls as you pack up all those unsold books afterward. I didn't know of her blog before, but it's required reading now, because she seems to be in the know about what makes author events work.
I'm going to revisit this soonish, but our little shop is in the first third of our author series and so far so good it seems.
I've been lucky enough to work the events that these guys put together. Most of it's over my head as my knowledge of theoretical physics and the like involves shoelaces and such, but their events are extremely well attended by people who bless and read books!
More to come from us.

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