Wednesday, November 22, 2006

been saying it for years

Sarah has linked to an interview with George Pelecanos, who looks like he's finally making a well deserved buck after putting out top shelf crime fiction for almost twenty years. He's my favourite crime writer and like the great ones in the trade, he keeps getting better and staying fresh.
He always interviews well, but I love this:
"I was a film major in college; I thought I wanted to make films. Then, in my senior year, I got turned on to books by a professor who changed my life, really. Turned me on to crime novels. I had never really read novels at all, and the reason was that the books I had been forced to read in high school didn't really speak to my world at all; they give you "The Scarlet Letter," stuff like that. And this guy showed me the kind of literature that was really populist literature and I recognized a lot of the characters in it and I decided this is really what I want to do."
For all the worrying book people and educators do about losing young boys as readers, they problem isn't well addressed. Crime fiction should be in every English class in North America.

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