Monday, December 11, 2006

he never mentioned the toys, either

Mark Abley, who knows a thing or two about vanishings, worries about the future of independent bookstores.
On stalwart, Paragraphe Books:
"So, Paragraphe, too, is no longer quite an independent. But it still feels like one. It still hosts readings by writers from Montreal and far beyond. It still sponsors the enormously successful Books & Breakfast series at a downtown hotel. And its managers and staff still know that books are inspirations, not just commodities. When you walk into Paragraphe, you never feel that literature is a sideline to scented candles."
This brings up something I can't square. I've spoken with lots of writers who aren't shy about expressing similar worries about their place in a chain driven trade, and bless them, need to do everything they can on their websites to let it be known that their book is available for puchase. Of course, that means an Amazon or Chapters link. No problem, but would it hurt to put a couple other options on your site?

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