Sunday, December 03, 2006

well there are lists and then there are lists....

Great stuff from the Washington Post today. Not only a solid list of the best of '06. (I took particular note of what Ron Charles had to say as well as Stephen Amidon, who is a great storyteller himself. I rarely go wrong on his raves.)
Perhaps more importantly, given that everyone's doing their "years best" lists;
various historians are already weighing in on where George W Bush ranks in terms of best or worst American presidents. He is perhaps the worst, or merely fifth worst, or just a "case study on how not to be president," ie: pretty much near the bottom.
Given that he has two years left and a dissenting view goes hand in hand with fairy dust in the air, a history professor from Boston (natch) bucks the trend.

No word yet on the clash of the titans that is Stephen Harper vs this guy.
As for me, I'm over feeling sick and have a novel that I'm itching to start.

We are the mediocre presidents.
You won't find our faces on dollars or on cents!
There's Taylor, there's Tyler,
There's Fillmore and there's Hayes.
There's William Henry Harrison,Harrison: I died in thirty days!
We... are... the... Adequate, forgettable, Occasionally regrettable
Caretaker presidents of the U-S-A!

Honestly, if there's a better use for the Internet than topically archived Simpson's lyrics, I'm unaware of it.

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