Wednesday, January 31, 2007

harbouring no illusions around a wide readership

I'm still scanning for irony on this, but if the author is suggesting that bloggers are lonely, well then he's never hung around other authors much.
Michael Keren, who writes in "Blogosphere: The New Political Arena says:
"In this world of blogging, which the whole world can read, you have a personal expectation about a readership that's just not there for the millions of bloggers who are writing their personal feelings."
Keren praises the Internet as a great place for self-expression, but he also suggests that blogs often have the opposite effect by creating feelings of loneliness for those who aren't lucky enough to reach "celebrity" status."
Celebrity status, sir? Booksellers are celebrities by definition.
I'm so angry at this, that from here on in it's going to be mostly expletives. My vast readership would be advised to get their celebrity fix somewhere else.

Posted by Dave

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tom s. said...

You are right of course. No one wants a million readers. Cult status will do us just fine.

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