Monday, January 22, 2007

NBCC announcements

I'm late on this, (sick on weekend), but while the fiction list has been questioned a bit from here, I'm glad to see Cormac McCarthy on the fiction list and I always try to keep up with reviews from Ron Charles (hell of a short story writer too).
Nice to see Donald Antrim on for Memoir/Autobiography. I've been a fan since his first book about ten years ago, and there's a lot of stuff from Sarabande Books that looks amazing, so good for them and Lisa Purpura for On Looking: Essays.
Our own shop has had some luck with Daniel Dennett's book in the same category, largely through Chuck I think.
The National Book Critics Circle Awards are good to keep an eye on as book critics have generally done all the reading. It sounds silly, but that's generally not the case with some panels.
Silly, I know.

Posted by Dave

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Rod said...

Don't see what the problem is with the fiction list. Although I don't like Richard Ford, the rest seems damn strong.

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