Thursday, January 25, 2007

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Liberal Hollywood is indoctrinating the kids into facing reality under the guise of the film "Inconvenient Truth".

After hearing his seventh grade daughter's science teacher was going to show the film in class, the computer consultant and evangelical Christian emailed the school, saying,

"No you will not teach or show that propagandist Al Gore video to my child, blaming our nation -- the greatest nation ever to exist on this planet -- for global warming."

Mr Frosty E. Hardiman, yes his first name is Frosty, believes global warming is "one of the signs foretelling Jesus Christ's imminent return for judgment day."

Kay Walls, alleged communist and therefore public school teacher said that she would receive a disciplinary letter for presenting "controversial" material in class without written permission.

A ban on screening the film to the school districts 22500 students was recently lifted but the email now means rigorous conditions are in place.

"What the school board had really intended to do, said (school board member David) Larson and school board members insisted, was not to stop schools from teaching the science of global warming, but merely to follow long-standing school board rules that require students to be exposed to "other perspectives" when they view a film like "An Inconvenient Truth."

As it stands now the film can only be shown alongside "alternative views that are approved by both a principal and the superintendent of schools."

Walls has so far found the infamous Newsweek article worrying about "The Cooling World"

written 37 years ago.

Perhaps Frosty would like to ban the book, as well.

On a related note, I've just started reading this.

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