Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can someone get Maureen Dowd a map?

I've always liked Maureen Dowd. She's smart, quick and one of the reasons I shell out for New York Times Select. Fifty a year is money well spent for Frank Rich, too.
It just is.
But come on, this just means you need to broaden your horizons a little.

"I was cruising through Borders, looking for a copy of “Nostromo.”
Suddenly I was swimming in pink. I turned frantically from display table to display table, but I couldn’t find a novel without a pink cover. I was accosted by a sisterhood of cartoon women, sexy string beans in minis and stilettos, fashionably dashing about book covers with the requisite urban props — lattes, books, purses, shopping bags, guns and, most critically, a diamond ring.
Was it a Valentine’s Day special?
No, I realized with growing alarm, chick lit was no longer a niche. It had staged a coup of the literature shelves."
A coup of the literature shelves? Not in any decent Washington area bookstores. (where Dowd filed from)
A grand pronouncement on the state of the "coup" can only come from a Borders, I suppose.
Around our place, the pink shock troops never even massed an army. Not because we're making any grand pronouncements ourselves; we just figured the pink novel craze was over.
My understanding is that it died a painful death.

Thank God.

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