Tuesday, February 27, 2007

But they look fabulous

Those damn kids today has been a common lament and an easy riff for thousands of years, but apparently they now like themselves a bit too much.
From a study released today via a San Diego State University psychologist:
"researchers warn that a rising ego rush could cause personal and social problems for the Millennial Generation, also called Gen Y. People with an inflated sense of self tend to have less interest in emotionally intimate bonds and can lash out when rejected or insulted."
Jean Twenge, lead author of the report and author of Generation Me, wonders if the fallout from this mix of You Tube, MySpace etc., " is letting that self-regard blossom even more" and leading to a "society where people are going to treat each other badly, either on the street or in relationships."
It's going to be tough to sell books to this crowd in years to come.
Thankfully I have this blog, which is the best blog in the known universe and no one is going to tell me different.

Posted by Dave


\m/ said...

Until you can take blogs to the bathroom, books will always have a place.

Dig the experiment in bloggery. It proves to me once more that Wordsworth is a gem of Waterloo.

how to furnish a room said...

Thanks heaps, \m/. Please feel free to make yourself known when you're in the shop next.

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