Friday, February 23, 2007

is there a line up for this?

It wasn't that long ago that books by bloggers came and went, I thought. But Judith O'Reilly from Britain started a blog in January detailing her career trajectory from working in London to home care in Northumberland, a rural setting where the nearest town is half an hour away.
Things have picked up since.
"Last week, after whirlwind approaches from an agent and a publisher, she signed a deal to turn the blog, which has become a surprise hit in Britain and America, into a book to be published by Viking Penguin.
Her publisher believes the theme of a former career woman following a dream to bring up a young family in rural surroundings will tap into the zeitgeist of the post Bridget Jones generation.
Patrick Walsh at Penguin enthuses, “I’ve done other blogs,” said Walsh, “but what’s so refreshing is that it isn’t about sex or celebrity; it’s wry, humorous and honest.”
Publishers hate sex and celebrity, don't you know. I can't find a cheap link to go out on with that.
There's literally nothing out there.

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Tom Slee said...

Have you seen Blood, Sweat and Tea, Real-Life Adventures in an Inner-City Ambulance from the excellent Random Acts of Reality blog? I recommend it highly - a mix of funny, shocking, and sometimes inspirational. And when I think I have a bad day at work, I read him to realise how lucky I am. Not as lucky as the woman he describes who gets hit by a brick that fell seven floors onto her head and who got away with a scratch, but lucky.

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