Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's not you, it's me

Ah hell, I'm falling behind around here.
The promised Neil Smith review never came together and I haven't maintained interest in a book for over a week.
It's been so damn cold that what little energy I have through the workday vanishes as soon as said workday ends.
I tried this and just couldn't get traction. Looking at some other new releases left me cold (as it were) so I'm going to go with a few proven winners to get my batteries started again.
Really good crime fiction, for me, trumps what is commonly shelved in the literature sections every time. I'll never understand genre bias; it's a silly divide and as far as the numbers go; crime fiction is the only piece of the pie getting larger.
Lastly, if we're serious about getting young men to read, it seems a natural fit.
I've always said that if I had influence, I'd force feed Christ Brookmyre and George Pelecanos to high schoolers everywhere.
I'd also add Will Beall's excellent book L.A Rex, and many Words Worth types have talked up this guy for years.
And so to work.

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