Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lawrence Hill, Afua Cooper in Waterloo

The opening author event in our (early) spring series takes place at Knox Church on Monday Feb. 19.
Please click here for all the details and follow the links for some very good looking websites for each of the authors.
I should also mention that reviews for the Book of Negroes are nothing short of reverential.
The Globe and Mail called Hill's new novel a masterpiece, but it's behind a subscription wall.
The Star's review is here, but the last paragraph is the keeper:
"Of course fiction, especially historical fiction, contains all manner of facts. What makes The Book of Negroes extraordinary is Hill's ability to transcend the facts – to make something magical out of them. Despite the unpalatable subject matter, he compels our attention and manages to delight. His Aminata is a heroic figure, a little larger than life, residing within and outside of history. You can never forget this character. She embeds herself in your heart."
Bronwyn raves about it, too.

Please mark your calendar.

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