Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Perhaps less of this

Hanging around other book people's blogs long enough, it becomes apparent that I should really read Tom McCarthy's novel Remainder.
I'm sure I'll get to it but as I type this, I know it's just as likely not so.
During the dark days of 2002 and through the U.S elections in '04 I spent countless hours hunched over this same terminal reading everything I could (a mess of books, too), about the state of the Democratic Party and by extension the likelihood that Bush would be a one term fluke.
That turned out poorly, and I didn't get any of that time back.
As a Canadian I should be more attuned to what's happening up here, and I am; but a few years back it seemed as though the Liberals would muddle along in the same ineffectual way they always have (natch) and I didn't care to worry too much about it.
Instead I obsessed over happenings south of the border and for what?
The simple fact that there are a hell of a lot of small press and midlist titles out there means that there's an awful lot of books that got a head start and are now well out of sight.
I've either got to get a better handle on time management or sleep less.
I'm not going to sleep any less than I already do.
I only really wanted to solicit opinions:
Anyone read this?
Anybody let a book get away in the last few years that you really wanted to read?

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Janelle Martin said...

Yes, I did read it. My review can be found here. It's well done, but I still haven't figured out if I liked it. Remainder has certainly stuck with me, more than a lot of other books.

As for a book I let get away? So of my bigger regrets is White Teeth by Zadie Smith. I'll probably never read it now, and I probably would have enjoyed it if I had read it before the hype.

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