Thursday, February 22, 2007

tanned and rested

well not really, but back from a wee hiatus all the same.
The good books are starting to arrive, but what's really working for me is this.
Finn is a first novel by Jon Clinch and it's stunning.
The story of Huckleberry Finn's father takes Twain's classic tale, tweaks it a bit and contains language and narrative pull to burn. Clinch is a born storyteller, but his turn of phrase and descriptive power are leaving me continually flabbergasted.
Pap Finn is a sociopath, and alcoholic and pretty much evil personified.
The story of his near redemption on the Mississippi River is moving and lovingly told.
And deliciously malevolent. Holy Hell, this guy can write.
I haven't felt like this about a debut novel in years.
We're angling for signed copies (he'll be in Toronto next week), but I've already ordered from
Watch this one, it's going to be big come awards time.

Posted by Dave

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Jon Clinch said...

Hey, Dave --

A little ego-surfing and next thing I know, I find this.

Thanks for your kind words. The Toronto date is at Harbourfront Centre, 7:30, on February 28. I'll be appearing with Jane Smiley and Kyo Maclear. Hope to see you there.

- Jon

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