Sunday, March 25, 2007

First great review of spring...

that I've seen for a hell of a book.
I'm not quite two thirds through it, but on the strength of an astonishing first effort, it's a lock that Japanese crime novelist Natsuo Kirino's second book would be pretty fine as well.
The San Fransisco Chronicle makes the call.
It bears mentioning by the way, that in a time when newspapers are losing readers left and right, it's inevitable that book review sections are often among the first thing that get messed about. The Chronicle has lost a step compared to a few years back, but many other papers have lost both legs. I've said for years that the San Fransisco Chronicle has the best book coverage of anyone in North America, and it seems to be more true now than ever.

I've no idea of it's globalization or not, but in the last few years one of the best things about the trade, hell the planet is the wealth of foreign crime writing out there. As if there's enough time to do justice to everything else.

This is a decent time to bring this up as well.
As of Saturday, Mar 24, our little outfit is discounting all hardcover fiction in the store, special orders included by twenty per cent. This looks like something that's going to stick around for awhile, so you know, at your service.
That makes books like the little darling above just a bit more affordable.

Uh, on the subject of affordability, did I mention how great the new Jon Clinch and Lionel Shriver are? Oh and are.
20% off Hardcover Fiction

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