Monday, March 26, 2007

grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worry on the doorstep

A couple bloggers have already linked to this L. A Times piece, which speaks of a trend toward End of Days fiction in the novels of Cormac McCarthy, Matthew Sharpe, Carolyn See, Daniel Alarcon, etc. whose book fits the bill, I think.
Cormac McCarthy, as the article notes, sets the standard for bleak with his book.
Of course 9/11 gets mentioned, but also
"a sense of real limits … and a kind of regret," from both his students and new fiction, according to according to Thomas Schaub, a University of Wisconsin professor."

I've often thought that fiction is doing a better job of getting things like this right than nonfiction is, at least in terms of karma.
This cheeky, but hard to dispute article from Radar magazine magazine (I know, verging on South Park here, but still) shows pretty clearly that being wrong on Iraq hasn't hurt much.
As an aside, on the subject of dark and getting darker, the new Michael Gruber is moving along nicely.

Distressing fiction out there, but we're not lacking for quality.

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