Friday, March 30, 2007

It's been a big day for the Road

it's out in paperback with an Oprah sticker on it and it's picked up the big prize, as well.
Called it.
I'm thrilled for the book and glad that it's out in paperback.
The judges all make good points, but this, from lead judge Jessica Kane, is my favourite:
"Good God, where did this book come from? It seems to me terrifyingly good, and not good as in “masterpiece” or “instant classic,” but good as in “future sacred text.” The world’s slow dimming. Civilization dying. The ingenious decision to set the story some years after the cataclysm, whatever it was. It’s wrenching to read the time placers: the early years.
“Once in those early years he’d wakened in a barren wood and lay listening to flocks of migratory birds overhead in that bitter dark. …He never heard them again.”
Where I live in Virginia the cherry trees are blooming. Today it will be warm and the air seems soft and pink with promise. I, however, feel sick. Flashes of McCarthy’s burned-out land keep coming to mind, obliterating all of it. It’s awful and wonderful. I haven’t been so affected by a book in a long time."
Yep, that's about it.
There's an awful lot of books that are fine on their own, but pretty much immaterial against work like this.

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