Monday, March 05, 2007

Lucre for Iraq, nothing for everything else

Pretty straightforward really.
No federal money so shit like this has to happen.
"Fitzsimmons' literary lifeline will be cut April 7, when Jackson County in southern Oregon shuts down its entire public library system.
The 15 libraries serving this rural forest community lost $7 million in federal funding this year -- nearly 80 percent of the system's budget."
The key point comes from the interim library director for Jackson County, Ted Stark'
"Libraries are so much more than just libraries in rural areas. This is where all the town meetings are held, where all the kids come after school, where everything -- everything -- happens," he said. Indeed, today;s libraries have evolved from merely loaning out books to providing Internet access, reading hour for babies, community meeting centers and art galleries."
I've worked in bookstores forever, so I don't venture into libraries much, but there were a lot of letters to our local paper during Kitchener's Centre Block proposal days that said essentially
"I use the Internet, I don't want to pay for a library.
Most of them made a specious point, and did it using poor grammar.

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