Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's the other guy look like?

Everyone linked to the latest boxing results, uh.. literary fight.

"Once great friends, the two writers have steadfastly refused to talk about the reasons behind their spectacular bust-up, and so have their wives.
Now two pictures have appeared in which a youthful García Márquez shows off a black eye, and the photographer who took them has shed light on the origins of the feud. Not surprisingly, perhaps, it involves a woman."
The photographer who apparently kept the aforementioned pictures appears to be having a good time with this.
“Now that he turns 80 and 40 years have passed since the first edition of A Hundred Years of Solitude, I believe it is the right time to publish an account of the terrible encounter between two great writers, one from the Left and the other with a strong right hook,” said Rodrigo Moya also a longtime friend of Garcia Marquez.
In Canada the romance has gone out of our bookish bouts.
This is the best we have.

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