Tuesday, April 03, 2007

If you can screw up there, you can screw up anywhere

I'm not sure how to take NewYork magazine. They do a fair bit of book industry coverage, but do it kind of bitchy (and sloppily).
For a time, Chris Lehman (I'll second Maud on this, he's one of the sharpest critics around) was there and now that he's not I don't pay as close attention.
The above feature tracks a few careers of high profile novelists who earned the coveted cover shot on the NYT Sunday Book Review over the last couple years. Hey, that'll fill up some space; good idea.
One of them was Paulette Jiles whose been around forever. NY Mag refers to a "second novel" coming out next month. Guys, her career has been going since the early 80s, and her novels have been in print for years.

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