Sunday, April 01, 2007

Playing all the hits

Staying with the Post, here is a small sample of what's coming.
The slight Ian McEwan novel came out up here last week and the big book on most of the excellent nerds around the 'sphere is the new Chabon.
(Kathryn, you forgot my ARC!)
Full marks for including a Small Beer Press title, home of Kelly Link and some wonderfully designed and nervy fiction.
The early read on the new Khaled Hosseini (says Tricia) is that he's more than a one hit wonder.
Hosseini wrote something called the Kite Runner a couple years ago. I guess it did okay.

Posted by Dave


Anonymous said...

Actually Dave, I snagged the ARC. I'll bring it back soon I promise.


how to furnish a room said...

Drop it, advance thief!!

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