Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ah hell, if newspaper are going to print junk like this and call it their bit for book culture, then they deserve their fate.
In discussing why novels like Joshua Ferris's, 'Then We Came to the End' didn't quite catch fire given the good buzz it got, the New York Sun writes,
"Part of the problem may be that bookstores don't pay close enough attention to reviews. I went to look for "Then We Came to the End" at the Lincoln Square Barnes & Noble the day after the Times review, and experienced the kind of scenario that leads authors into years of costly psychotherapy. No one knew where to find it. Three clerks and 10 minutes later, I'd bought one of the store's last three copies. At that moment it occurred to me: What if bookstores created sections devoted to that week's best-reviewed books? Or posted positive reviews alongside the books themselves?"
Gee New York Sun, what a good idea. Get your fat asses out of a chain store once in awhile perhaps.
I hate being lumped in with laggards in my trade, so I won't suggest that newspapers like the New York Sun are representative of the entire print industry.
Please ignore the first sentence of this post.

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