Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well she's got a nice face

I'm not much of a movie guy, but it must be nice to be Sarah Polley. Loved for putting a nice spin on Prince Edward Island for all those years, respected for her new stuff, and even the hot authors love her.

From an interview with Audrey (Time Traveler's Wife) Niffenegger in the Chicagoist:

C: I’m guessing you don’t have very much input into the film, but did you have anyone in mind to be cast as the main characters?

AN: "There’s a Canadian actress named Sarah Polley who has exactly the right face. I’ve never seen her in anything, I don’t know what kind of actress she is, but I actually kept a picture of her in my notebook to look at, because she was so perfect looking. And … Johnny Depp kinda seemed like an appropriate thing, but then I went to see the movie The Pianist with Adrien Brody, and I just was looking at the performance he was giving on the screen and said, “That’s Henry.”
Gee, she seems nice.
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