Monday, June 11, 2007

post book expo

Everyone in the room was congenial, well fed and leaden with trinkets, posters ARC's...and then we all went home.
I could write a long spiel on what took place or I could just crib from here.
Nice work from Quillblog.
My favourite bits are:
"“Will Carol Shields be signing today?” – An Indigo staffer at the Goose Lane booth."
"Linwood Barclay, on what distinguishes Canadian mystery writers from their international brethren: “Lower sales.”'
Saturday and early Sunday was the worky part, but afterward, I got hands on new books from Elizabeth Hay and Richard Wright (blue chip, both of them) and got a hand in for the new Denis Johnson, which FSG is rightly excited about.
A review of Elizabeth Hay's Late Nights on Air will be posted with publication in the fall.

Posted by Dave

Posted by Dave

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