Friday, July 13, 2007

College boys are writing sonnets, in their tender passion they're engrossed...

Although maybe that's a turnoff says the ladies?
It seems romantic language has fallen victim to these hurried times and non-stop advertising.
"Messages used to be simple, but heartfelt: "I'm sitting in a café, drinking plum tea, and thinking of you." Nowadays, that message would read more like: "sittin in TH drinkin coffee thinkin of u :-)" TH, I am told, means Tim Hortons, apparently today's version of the café. The smiley face gets punctuation, not words, to express feelings. Instead of arriving on a glossy card or crisp paper, the words flash across the screen of a computer, cellphone or blackberry."
A further twist (of the knife?) reveals:

"Saira Khan, 20, is a fourth-year public policy student. She sends and receives more than a dozen text messages per day and is constantly writing on Facebook. She likes getting brief, flirtatious messages from guys she likes, but rarely does she want more.
"A letter from a guy would be soft," she says. "You don't want that much of an effort because it's like, why are you trying so hard?" Khan says if a guy were to spend too much time writing her, she would wonder if he had a life. She veritably cringes at the thought of receiving a romantic poem. "If a guy did that, that's the number one turnoff. I've never met a girl who wants that."

Wow. Articles like this make me well aware of my age, but now I feel pretty good about it.
As for sending and receiving text messages and being on Facebook all day, I suppose that's a full life? Honey, the real question is why you are the focus of any effort at all.

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