Thursday, August 30, 2007

No matter how dark it gets

I just can't resist pulling down the shade sometimes.
I don't link to it much, but the Written Nerd is one of my favourite blogs. Like most, she pegs things she likes and has some depth, but what the Nerd does really well is track the state of the trade. Naturally she works in it, so she's got a stake; but it's something that's not done especially well in most book blogs.
So when she links to something like this, I pay particular attention.
Then feel like going back to bed.
But as part of the larger post, I've got a half-smile on my face again.
"Ultimately, as we know, it ain't an internet-or-indies kind of world. Bread and roses, convenience and community, progress and tradition -- we're gonna have it all."

Well, here's to that.

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