Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what's that smell?

It seems the literary agent who brokered the rebirth of the goddamn O.J book reacted with "disbelief" when it was initially shopped around in 1994.
According to the story in the NYT, Sharlene Martin "could not understand why someone who’s been tried for the murders and found not guilty in the criminal courts would want to perpetuate this story,” she said. “I was very much opposed to the publication of the book."
So far fine, but guess who the agent is that's bringing the book back.

"Ms. Martin, who brokered the deal, said the reason for her turnabout was simple: this time around it is the victims’ families, not Mr. Simpson, who are set to profit."


Borders has decided to stock the book in the U.S while Barnes & Noble will not.
Borders spokeswoman Ann Binkley said Borders "will not promote or market the book in any way."
In other words, pretty much business as usual.

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