Thursday, September 13, 2007

Every word of this is true*

Galleycat is reporting that James (Million Little Pieces) Frey has sold a novel to Harper Collins for a million dollars. They've got exclusive rights to "Bright Shiny Morning" and it's supposed to publish (barring any number of potential meltdowns) in spring 2008.
Publisher Jonathan Burnham says, "James Frey is an immensely talented writer who has written a truly extraordinary and original novel, one of great breadth and ambition."
The novel was reportedly going to be called Bright Shining Lie but that title was already taken.
Okay, I made that last bit up.*
See, Mr Frey, it's just that easy.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so do you even know what he "lied" about? He kept private the way in which his girlfriend committed suicide. God forbid she have some dignity in life. Way to show your ignorance.

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