Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I got your moral defense right here

It's kinda nice for Alan Greenspan, who is such an admirer of Ayn Rand (shudder) to get his wish (in theory) and then feel badly about it. (in fact?)
Congratulations Mr. Greenspan. You now have your starless sky.
The choice quotes from both links are:

"Mr. Greenspan had married a member of Rand’s inner circle, known as the Collective, that met every Saturday night in her New York apartment. Rand did not pay much attention to Mr. Greenspan until he began praising drafts of “Atlas,” which she read aloud to her disciples, according to Jeff Britting, the archivist of Ayn Rand’s papers. He was attracted, Mr. Britting said, to “her moral defense of capitalism.”

and from the always merciless Paul Krugman:

"Mr. Greenspan has just published a book in which he castigates the Bush administration for its fiscal irresponsibility.
Well, I’m sorry, but that criticism comes six years late and a trillion dollars short.
Mr. Greenspan now says that he didn’t mean to give the Bush tax cuts a green light, and that he was surprised at the political reaction to his remarks. There were, indeed, rumors at the time — which Mr. Greenspan now says were true — that the Fed chairman was upset about the response to his initial statement.
But the fact is that if Mr. Greenspan wasn’t intending to lend crucial support to the Bush tax cuts, he had ample opportunity to set the record straight when it could have made a difference."
While it rots that our largest trading partner is a financial basket case; their collapsing currency is bringing the cost of books down for awhile.

Oh, speaking of costs going down, RIP Times Select. Just send notification of my refund to my email address. Thanks, you guys rock.

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