Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hitchens loves Lessing

almost as much as he loves himself.
But seriously, he makes a fine point, busting the Nobel committee as "they let Nabokov and Borges die (yes, die) while they doled out so many of their awards to time-servers and second-raters. Had they let this happen to Doris Lessing as well, eternal shame would have covered them."
As for some assertions that her later work doesn't stand up to earlier efforts, that's a fair point, but having grown into adulthood with characters right out of 2001's Sweetest Dream, I have no problem at all with some of it.
And now onto the Booker winner, announced later today.

Did I miss something with Mr. Pip? (the favourite)
It just kinda laid there for me, but then I only read about a third of it.

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