Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh well in fifty years, I'll be well Doris Lessing's age

and she looks amazing.
The future however as predicted from the Frankfurt Book Fair, kinda doesn't.

"Almost a quarter of the 1,324 industry professionals who took part in the survey predicted that the high street bookseller would no longer exist in 2057, while only 11% thought that the printed book would be obsolete. However, nearly as many - 10.5% - also thought that the electronic reader would be superseded. The respondents, of whom nearly half were at senior director level or above, were not asked to look into their crystal balls to predict what might replace the book and e-reader, but 44% identified the use of e-books as a key area of growth for the industry."

It may be a defense mechanism, but I think the cream of the crop under that scenario becomes things like this.

I'd rather be tethered to a nice mop somewhere.

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