Saturday, November 10, 2007

from the front lines

comes William Boyd, a guy who in addition to penning some great novels, (Any Human Heart is still one of the best pure stories I've read in the last few years) has some deep roots in Hollywood.
He reports from the writers strike.
"Film is an essentially collaborative medium - don't let directors tell you otherwise - but you can't even begin to think about collaborating if there isn't a script. You can't cast, you can't budget, you can't crew-up, you can't schedule if it's not written down. One of the less obvious consequences of industrial action is that it throws a sharp light on the crucial balances of power and spheres of influence that operate in the entertainment industry. A strike like this will also, I believe, have a longer-term advantage in that the writers may, with a bit of luck, be seen for the key players they are."
He's right of course.
So is Alfred Hitchcock.

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