Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's turning over up North, too

Mark Sarvas hearts Shalom Auslander.
You should, too.

"Auslander, a contributor to This American Life, Esquire, Nextbook, and the author of the short-story collection Beware of God, has good reason to fear retribution, his lengthy list of sins far outstripping Moses'. Foreskin's Lament opens with the young Shalom being raised in the Orthodox Jewish enclave of Monsey, N.Y., where he is already swearing, mixing meat and milk, and switching lights on and off on the Sabbath, inspired by a rabbi who has informed him that "the Sages tell us that the Torah tells us that until the age of thirteen, all of a boy's sins are ascribed to his father." So Auslander tries, unsuccessfully, to bring Yahweh's fatal wrath upon his abusive, drunken father.
My father banged angrily on the bedroom door. - Lights out, he barked.
I smiled. For you and me both, pal."

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