Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby, I don't care

Before the internets, a more than casual reader relied on word of mouth, the haughty, long winded recommendations of bookstore clerks, or something like intuition or guile to add to ones to-read pile.
Googling a current pickup can solve all that, but not always fully.
I know Lydia Millet is a sure thing because of this, but reviews on her new novel, including one from someone I trust are good, but not great.
Still, after about an hour with How the Dead Dream, I'm as smitten as I am with all of her stuff.
As a social satirist, she's as good as anyone, but her new book differs in terms of scope; it's much more restrained than Oh Pure & Radiant Heart. Each paragraph benefits from sharp observation and I suspect, an engaged editor.
So far as I said, the reviews for the new book don't match the unrestrained raves that greeted the last book, but I'm still in awe.

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