Sunday, January 20, 2008

But you'd look cool with them rolled up your shirt sleeve

In a clever bit of marketing, a British outfit has released a selection of classics that resemble cigarette packs.
They look spiffy and given their size, their certainly portable.
There's only one problem.

"Baker & McKenzie, the London law firm representing BAT (British American Tobacco), claims the "rectangular device, white background ... circular device and a stripe across the top of the box" are the "dominant and distinctive elements" that belong to Lucky Strike. Furthermore, such packaging "is likely to deceive members of the public to believe that BAT has either endorsed, sponsored or is in some way connected" with the books, a confusion "which can dilute the goodwill in the Lucky Strike brand.""
So there you have it.
Cigarettes are made worse when books get involved.

Posted by Dave


tom s. said...

Talking of feeling old, what did it for me was finding out that a million novels (and five of the top ten) in Japan have been written on cellphones.

See here.

Anonymous said...

I think we were on the story at the same time, Tom.
And yeah, I feel old too.

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