Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I was having a pretty good day anyway

but I do like to see these kinds of things.

"Either way, the book and the fly collided spectacularly (and isn't there something immensely satisfying about that little wooden "pock!" sound that flies make when you connect properly?). Now try doing that with an e-book. Or reading it in the bath. Or taking it to the beach. Or lending it to a friend. Or leaving it on a shelf so your friends can admire your so-called erudition."

Don't dismiss that last bit. A quick scan of the books laying around your potential mate's place can reveal rather a lot. A sterile plastic thingy, not so much.

Posted by Dave

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Colin said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for making my day. I've been worried about those Kindle things ever since I heard they might hit Canada in 2 years (I'd like to hear the pocking sound that gets made when you dispatch a Kindle using a Rankin. Maybe more of a thwack and then a sizzle). Not only do I love the look and feel of books, but I remember where and when I received each one that I own. They're a precious kind of personal history. Love your blog. And the store. Keep it all up.

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