Saturday, February 02, 2008

And he draws a crowd, too.

I've always liked Charles Simic. His poetry is direct, unadorned and perfectly American.
Now I know he's a decent fellow as well.

'Did you vote in the New Hampshire presidential primary last month?"

"Yes, for John Edwards. I like a lot of things that he said. Greed is going to do us in — stupid, selfish greed. We have essentially squandered the wealth of this country and forgotten the whole idea of the common good. Now, I know he doesn’t have a chance."

Less so, now.

Posted by Dave

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Jaliya said...

Dave! I've been reading this blog several times a week -- it is such a delight to read your words.

Re: the presidential election...fingers crossed for Obama!!! -- and it's a shame that Edwards has been relegated to "has-been" status. Knuckle-biter, eh?

I've just finished a one-two punch: Alissa York's Mercy and Effigy. Beyond brilliant; got absolutely lost in both stories.

I've created a blog, too, and am having the time of my life with it. Check it out, 'K?

Hope all's well; see you soon :-)


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