Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just glad to be on the team

Toronto-epicenter of the Indie revival.

"But something odd is happening in Toronto: New little bookstores are popping up like crocuses in the spring earth. Type, the eclectic bookshop that two Toronto scholars opened two years ago on Queen Street West across from Trinity-Bellwoods Park, last November opened a second store in a nook in Forest Hill Village. And two weeks ago, Book City, the 32-year-old chain of small bookstores, gave Type some competition of its own, opening a location on Queen West. Type and Book City share the same streetcar stop, Niagara Street.
What gives? It appears that, Internet age be damned, a growing number of people like to read actual books, and seek them out in little shops with literate staff."
If that sentiment is right, I wonder if publishers are paying attention.
The way to healthier long term sales is for publishers to do their bit to foster more independents. The alternative is to pray for a chain-driven blockbuster once in awhile, and that's a risky proposition.
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