Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Strange days indeed

and most peculiar. I've no idea who this Miley Cyrus person is other than the fact that she's everywhere lately.
Galleycat gets it right as they seem to a lot lately,

"Now, we can practically hear some of you haters and negative nabobs out there muttering, "What the (bleep) is a 15-year-old kid whose life is a hyper-choreographed entertainment machine going to write about?" But set aside your scorn and bitterness for just a moment, and you'll see the answer to this is quite simple: It doesn't freaking matter what the kid writes about, because 40 zillion other kids are going to lap it up like a dog does bacon grease."

Staying with Galleycat for a bit, they've noted that James (Million Little Mouth Breathers) Frey is going to venture forth and do a little reading from his forthcoming "novel" Bright Shiny Morning.

It's not worth bitching about state of play except to suggest that one of my favourites had some nice things said about his new book, The Story of A Marriage.
I'm about fifty pages in and Andrew Sean Greer is a joy and a saviour of late.
If you haven't picked up either Confessions of Max Tivoli or The Path of Minor Planets, do yourself a gargantuan favour today.
Full review is forthcoming shortly.

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