Friday, April 11, 2008

We've all done it we just don't talk about it

It makes one recall a simpler time when you could actually use your library to pull.
Now I guess we just have Facebook profiles or some damn thing.
In a spin off from the NYT piece last week, Bookslut links to this beauty about the work some of the better among us will do to make women believe we males are pure and good; and extraordinarily literate.

"A fellow scribe, whose insightful views and well-crafted prose never fail to make me wish I could write half so well, tells me there's a poem that makes women go weak at the knees.
"I recite it from memory. Works every time. I won't divulge it, because to do so would be ungallant," he said, promising to tell me at some future date on the condition I keep the powerful secret to myself."

Now I stand on gallantry as well, but I'm pretty sure I know the poem discussed and I'm not sharing it either, except to suggest that it's by Richard Brautigan.
I also agree with Jessa that if all that sex isn't worth the lying, it's also negated by having to read Tom Robbins.

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