Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fly my pretties, fly

The new guy at Harper Collins might be onto something.
He's been around awhile, but other publishers in the U.S. are getting on board.

`In this age of global warming it's insane to be shipping books back and forth across the country for no good reason,'' said Margo Baldwin, president of Chelsea Green Publishing Co. of White River Junction, Vermont. ``It's just a waste of energy and, not only that, it still encourages the overproduction of books -- many of which end up in landfills.''
Baldwin, a publisher of titles about sustainable living, has started a ``green partnership program,'' signing up 30 bookstores that have agreed to take books on a non-returnable basis. In exchange, she gives them extra discounts and priority access to her authors for readings and events."
Bring it on publishers.

The rate of returns at our place is a good deal lower than the 31 per cent Bloomberg noted in 2005, and if the industry wants to lower returns, they could put a few chain stores on notice.
I'm not holding my breath.

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