Thursday, May 01, 2008

suck it up Bezos

Amazon is pissed because they have to collect taxes on behalf of New York State if the court rules against them.
Time was , a company with no "physical presence" in a state in which it did business wasn't subject to tax laws around collection.
Based on a wider definition of what constitutes a presence in the state, New York is going after taxes for out of state revenue from Amazon affiliates, of which there are very very many.

"The issue isn’t whether people should pay taxes when they buy goods from out-of state sellers like Amazon, which is based in Seattle. For decades, New York and other states have required their residents to pay use tax — equivalent to sales tax — on out-of-state purchases for which sales tax wasn’t collected.
The question is whether the vendors must collect those taxes on behalf of the state. Generally, only those companies that have a physical presence, such as an office or store, in the state of the purchase are required to collect the taxes."

It's almost like Amazon is a place that sells stuff. It seems, for example, that if Amazon can use roads to deliver their stuff, they can kick in a few nickels once in awhile to keep them in shape.
Bring on that carbon tax.

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