Friday, June 20, 2008

It's hard out there for a white man

Like the tides, the sun coming up, or the pronouncements of a few well-placed groundhogs; its a law of nature that Glenn Beck, probably the dumbest guy to ever cash a check at CNN, will before too long say something stupid.
All the nonsense is here but essentially books for preteen boys today are "emasculating."
"Try to find one" that acts as a manual "for growing up, being a good strong honest man.
They're no longer about value or virtue or the spirit of adventure or sticking up for your little sister or yourself."
That's not at all to say the book is a dud, I've not read it. But to say that there's nothing out there for boys anymore and equate it with his signature political correctness bogeyman is simplistic and offensive.
Beck concludes with "there are no great stories or storytellers anymore, but you've created one."
There are others on staff that I've relied on to stay on top of the young adult genre, but given that I'm sure Beck has done all the reading, I look forward to him uncovering other literary gems.

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