Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's wrong, but I understand

I'm not a fan of the Macallan, but some like it fine.

"It's not clear just what was so irresistible: Perhaps the richly resinous taste imprinted by aging in oak sherry casks from Jerez, Spain. Maybe it was the full-bodied palate with a nose of rich caramel and a chocolate finish.
But a Westbank, B.C., man was arrested this week for his exclusive taste in 10-year-old The Macallan cask-strength single malt scotch.
It was the second shot that did him in.
Kelowna RCMP arrested the 42-year-old man on Saturday for possession of stolen property after he allegedly walked out of a Westbank liquor store without paying for five bottles of the Speyside whiskey-maker's top mainstream product stuffed in his backpack.
He had allegedly cleared the shelf of the same selection just the day before - police say a security camera recorded him on Friday absconding with four bottles of the 10-year-old scotch that retails in B.C. for $94.95 a bottle."

The commentary from the cognoscenti in the rest of the article is beautiful, and spot on.
Lets hope the authorities give the guy a bottle to nurse for awhile, but it's really only worth doing time for this and surely there's a proper cell here.

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