Saturday, June 28, 2008

No time to sleep

The shop is starting to wonder about making time to inhale all the good stuff coming in the next few months, and I've now got to make time for this.

Sadly, I've only read some earlier Ethan Canin, but I trust Ron Charles and I'll follow the American political novel forever.

Right now I'm plowing through what looks to be the season's big book, if all the prepublication hype is to be believed.
Gargoyle comes in at about 400 pages, but it's pure potboiler. It reads quickly and is driven by a pretty high octane story.
The lead character is a miserable guy who almost burns to death after a car wreck and is visited in the burn ward by a woman claiming to know him from their time together in the 13th century. The story moves through timelines with ease, shifts quickly and it's rather engaging stuff. I'm only about a third through and an astute editor could easily cut fifteen per cent of the length from the book, but so far so good.

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