Monday, June 02, 2008

Uh, oh

Here comes the Kindle to scare the hell out of everybody.

"But excitement about the Kindle, which was introduced in November, also worries some publishing executives, who fear Amazon’s still-growing power as a bookseller. Those executives note that Amazon currently sells most of its Kindle books to customers for a price well below what it pays publishers, and they anticipate that it will not be long before Amazon begins using the Kindle’s popularity as a lever to demand that publishers cut prices."

Are these the same publishers that did virtually everything they could to ensure that retailers got big enough to start dictating terms in the first place. What the hell did they think was going to happen?
If this keeps up Amazon will be the only game in town when it comes to selling books.
The down side of course, is that thousands of authors who have a tough time making ends meet now will have a new hobby.

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